Practical Classics restoration Show, NEC, March 2024
   Sywell Piston & Props, September 2023
   Hinckley BID Classic Car Show, September 2023
   Scirocco Club Dissen Clubgeburtstag, September 2023
   A47 Classic Car Meet, August 2023
   Lichfield Cars in the Park, July 2023
   Corrado Club of Great Britain National Day, Cosford RAF Museum, June 2023
   Leamington Rotary Club Cars at the Spa, June 2023
   Coventry MotoFest, June 2023
   A47 Auto Jumble, May 2023
   Rutland Classic Wheels, Oakham, May 2023
   Stanford Hall VW Show, April 2023
   Classic Car Show at Weston Park, April 2023
   Practical Classics Restoration Show, NEC, March 2023
   Ultimate Dubs, March 2023
   NEC Classic Car Show, November 2022
   MotoFest Breakfast Meet, October 2022
   Porsches in the Park, Weston Park, September 2022
   A47 Classic Car Meet, August 2022
   Brinklow Scarecrow Festival, August 2022
   Silverstone Classic, August 2022
   SciroccoRegister National Day, Shropshire, August 2022
   Classic Car Meet at Middleton Hall, August 2022
   Retro Rocco meet at Caffeine & Machines, Ettington, July 2022
   MotoFest Breakfast Meet Coventry, July 2022
   Market Harborough Classic Car Event, July 2022
   Princethorpe College Annual Motoring Festival, June 2022
   A47 Classic Car Meet, May 2022
   Stanford Hall, May 2022
   Corrado Club of Great Britain National Day at Donington Historic, April 2022
   A47 Autojumble Classic Car Meet, April 2022
   Practical Classics Restoration Show, NEC, March 2022
   Ultimate Dubs, Telford, March 2022
   Classic Car Show, NEC, November 2021
   GTI Festival, Santa Pod, October 2021
   Hickley Bid Classic Car Show, September 2021
   Cars in the Park, Lichfield, September 2021
   A47 Classic Car Meet, August 2021
   Coventry MotoFest, 2021
   Really Retro, Seighford, 2021
   Ultimate Dubs Telford 2020
   NEC Classic Car Show November 2019
   Coventry Fargo Village Meet October 2019
   Coventry Breakfast Meet September 2019
   Hinckley BID Classic Car Meet, September 2019
   Atherstone Classic Car Meet, September 2019
   A47 Classic Car Meet, August 2019
   Lupin Farm Classic Car Show, August 2019
   Scirocco Register National Day, Cosford, August 2019
   Shenstone Village Festival, June 2019
   Husband Bosworth Village Festival, June 2019
   Really Retro, Seighford, June 2019
   Tingewick Village Fete and Classic Car Show, June 2019
   Silverston Social at Weedon Depot 2019, June 2019
   Coventry MotoFest, June 2019
   A47 Meet, May 2019
   Fig & Olive Classic Car Meet, near Birmingham, May 2019
   Penkridge Market Classic Car Meet, May 2019
   A47 Meet, May 2019
   Stanford Hall, May 2019
   Donington Historic, May 2019
   Bicester Scramble, April 2019
   Chetwynd Deer Park Easter Classic Car Show, April 2019
   Modified Nationals, Stoneleigh Park, Coventry, April 2019
   Cars & Coffee at the Coventry Transport Museum & Gaydon Classic Car Virgins, April 2019
   Practical Classic Car Restoration Show, NEC, March 2019
   Ultimate Dubs, Telford, March 2019
   Caffeine and Machines November 2018
   NEC Classic Car Show November 2018
   Donington Breakfast Meet October 2018
   Hinckley Classic Car Show 2018
   Dissener Scirocco und Corrado Treffen 2018
   Himley Hall Meet 2018
   A47 Meet August 2018
   Tatton Park VW Northwest August 2018
   SciroccoRegister National Day, Cosford, August 2018
   Walsall Arboretum Classic Car Show July 2018
   Coventry Museum of Transport Cars & Coffee July 2018
   Middleton Hall Classic Car Gathering July 2018
   Husbands Bosworth Village Fete and Classic Car Event 2018
   Really Retro Seighford Airfield 2018
   North Wales Run 2018
   Coventry MotoFest 2018
   A47 Meet, late May 2018
   Classic Car Meet Earls Barton, May 2018
   Coventry Cars & Coffee, May 2018
   A47 Meet, Early Spring Bank Holiday, May 2018
   Stanford Hall, May 2018
   Donington Historic, May 2018
   Coventry Transport Museum Cars & Coffee morning, April 2018
   Practical Classic Restoration Show, March 2018
   Ultimate Dubs, March 2018
   NEC Classic Car Show, November 2017
   Hinckley Bid Classic Car Show, September 2017
   Coventry Heritage Cars & Coffee, September 2017
   Dissen Treffen, September 2017
   A47 Classic Car meet, nr. Leicester, August 2017
   Oadby Classic Car Event, The Parade, Oadby, Leicester, August 2017
   VW Northwest at Tatton Park, August 2017
   Scirocco Register National Day, Cosford RAF Museum, August 2017
   Coventry Coffee & Cars July 2017
   Boekel Scirocco Friends Meet 2017
   Coventry Moto Fest 2017
   Stanford Hall 2017
   Classic Car Virgins 2017, Gaydon
   GTI Spring Festival 2017, Santa Pod
   Fargo Village, Coventry Moto Fest promotion, 2017
   GTI Festival, Santa Pod, 2016
   Coventry Museum of Transport Coffee and Cars, October 2016
   30. Geburtstag Scirocco Club Dissen, Bramsche, 2016
   TIPEC Midlands Meet summer Show&Shine, 2016
   Oadby Classic Car Show, 2016
   Tatton Park, 2016
   Scirocco Register National Day, Cosford RAF Museum, 2016
   Beaumanor Nostalgic Cars, 2016
   Wings and Wheels, Wellesbourne, 2016
   Retro Mania, Weston Country Park, 2016
   Coventry Moto Fest 2016
   A47 Classic Car Show, May 2016
   Classic Car Show at Ragley Hall, May 2016
   Really Retro, Seighford Airfield, May 2016
   Coventry Breakfast Club - Cars & Coffee, May 2016
   Stanford Hall, 2016
   GTI Spring Festival, Santa Pod, 2016
   Ultimate Dubs, Telford, 2016
   Practical Classic Car Restoration Show, 2016
   GTI Festival, Santa Pod, 2015
   928-Meet, Tilford, 2015
   Gaydon Autumn Classic, 2015
   Hinckley Classic Motorshow, 2015
   Leicester Race Course Classic Car Meet, 2015
   29. Treffen des Sciroco Club Dissen, Bramsche-Kalkriese, 2015
   Corrado Club at the Autometrix Trackday, Castle Combe, 2015
   SciroccoRegister National Day, Cosford, 2015
   VW Northwest Tatton Park 2015
   Royal Internationl Air Tattoo, Fairford, 2015
   Coventry Breakfast Club July 2015
   Coventry MotoFest 2015
   A47 Meet Late May 2015
   Transtar Ragley Hall 2015
   Really Retro 2015
   A47 Early May 2015
   Stanford Hall 2015
   Classic Car Virgins 2015
   GTI Spring Festival 2015
   Gaydon 928 Meet 2015
   Elsecar Mega Meet 2015
   Race Retro Stoneleigh 2015
   NEC Classic Car Show 2014
   Coventry Motor Museum Breakfast Club October 2014
   Visit to Porsche HQ GB in Reading, 2014
   Coventry Festival of Motoring, 2014
   Tatton Park, 2014
   SciroccoRegister National Day, Cosford RAF Museum, 2014
   GTI International, Shakespeare Raceway, 2014
   Simply Porsche / TIPEC, Beaulieu, 2014
   Visit to Norddeich, Norderney, Bockhorn 2014
   Retro Mania Weston Park 2014
   Coventry MotoFestival 2014
   CCGB National Day 2014
   Gaydon Spring Classics 2014
   A47 Autojumble, 5 May 2014
   Stanford Hall, 2014
   Practical Classic Car Restoration Show, 2014
   Ultimate Dubs, Telford, 2014
   Expo 2014, Gaydon, 2014
   Classic Remise Düsseldorf, 2013
   NEC Classic Car Show, 2013
   928 Meet Tilford, 2013
   Heritage Motor Centre Autumn Classic Car Meet, Gaydon, 2013
   TIPEC National Day, Gaydon, 2013
   3rd A47 Classic Car Meet 2013
   Coventry Festival of Motoring 2013
   Scirocco Register National Day 2013
   Corrado Club of GB National Day 2013
   Bletchley Classic Car Picnic 2013
   Roadstar 2013
   Stonor Park Expo 2013
   A47 2nd meet 2013
   Gatwick Porsche 928 Meet 2013
   A47 Autojumble 2013
   Stanford Hall 2013
   Bosch Historic Hockenheimring 2013
   Elsecar 2013
   Ultimate Dubs 2013
   NEC Classic Car Show 2012
   GTI Festival October 2012
   Tilford 928-Meet 2012
   Dissen 2012
   Coventry festival of Motoring 2012
   SciroccoRegister National Day 2012
   BVF 2012
   Stanford Hall 2012
   Roadstar 2012
   TIPEC National Day Hatton Country Park 2012
   CCGB National Day Brooklands 2012
   DTM Brands Hatch 2012
   Elsecar Megameet 2012
   CCGB AGM 2012, Gaydon
   A Day at Mallory Park, 24/3/2012
   Ultimate Dubs, Telford, 2012
   NEC Classic Motor Show 2011
   Beaulieu SciroccoRegister/CCGB Meet 2011
   Dissen 25th Birthday, Germany
   SciroccoRegister National Day 2011 Cosford RAF Museum
   Coventry Museum of Transport 2011
   BVF 2011
   Boekel 2011
   Stanford Hall 2011
   Elsecar Meet 2011
   Peterborough Meet Sub11 2011
   NEC Classic Car Show 2010
   Coventry Fly-In 2010
   SciroccoRegister Southern Meet at Beaulieu National Motor Museum 2010
   Battle of Britain Kemble Airport 2010
   Coventry Festival of Motoring 2010
   CCGB National Day 2010 Elvington, York
   Back to the Roots Osnabrück 2010
   Tatton Park 2010
   London Volksfest 2010
   Stonor 2010
   DG Autotech 1st anniversary meet
   Stanford Hall 2010
   Elsecar Megameet 2010, Elsecar Heritage Centre
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