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Mk1 Rieger Rocco "Roodster"
rocco front view
Spec: Mk1 1981 1.8l 8v
Body: Rieger GTB Evolution front spoiler, Rieger GTO rear bumper, both adapted to custom wheel arch extensions
Zender grille with enlarged air intake,
Clear front indicators (by funksoulkitty and Dirk S.),
Rear foglight integrated into light cluster,
Body hot dip galvanised,
Custom paintwork on bonnet and sides, debadged tailgate with chrome gas struts
Chassis: Sachs racing coil-over dampers with Eibach uprated racing springs and shortened pistons front, Bilstein coil-over dampers with shortened pistons with Eibach uprated springs rear, 55 mm drop,
Wiechers aluminium top strut brace front, rear stainless steel strut brace,
lower aluminium strut brace,
30 mm spacer disks front, 50 mm spacer disks rear,
OZ Racing 8J15 alloys with Karmann logo on hubcaps, 12 mm offset, 195/50R15 Falken tyres,
GTI 1.8 brake system (vented disks front, drums rear), Pagid Fast Road pads, Goodridge braided brake hoses
rocco rear view
inside view
Inside: Mk2 instrument cluster in original Mk1 dash, added oil temperature gauge,
Custom gauge faces and painted needles to match car colours, blue illumination,
Momo 320 mm Race steering wheel,
ASS BMW Alpina B7 Turbo seats,
Schroth harness seatbelts,
Aluminium pedals, gear knob, handbrake, window winders, mirror adjusters, leather handbrake gaiter,
JustMatz Scirocco car mats,
Black leather rear bench,
Rear side windows and rear window tinted foil,
Kenwood KDC-PSW9521 MP3/WMA/CD-RW head unit,
Infinity Reference 6953i speakers
Hi, I'm Roodster (Dutch for Redstar because of the star-pattern on my bonnet), and since March 27th 2002 I'm Eric's favourite toy. Like all my brothers and sisters, I too, was born in Osnabrück, Gemany, and first hit the roads on March 6th 1981. Until 1998 I lived a rather unexciting life. I was then completely professionally rebuilt in Germany.

After 18 years of trying to suppress his Rocco-addiction, Eric was convinced he had been successful, until he found me on the Internet on January 29th 2002, that is grin. Following a test drive and completion of contract near Munich he was my new owner as of March 9th. It took a little while until I dared take the jump across the pond from Germany to Coventry in England where I arrived on his birthday.

I got my own garage as opposed to a communal garage which I had to put up with back in Germany (a few problems with some local kids angry), in which more and more goodies have started to appear for me cool. Then there is the garage opposite in which my younger brother Innocence (a G60 Rado) lives, and there's Sharky (a Porsche 928 S4), too wave.

Although I already quite looked the biz and already had some tweaks under the bonnet on my arrival, DIY sessions started pretty quickly, some of which were necessary to get me registered in England. I needed a rear fog light (without touching my Rieger rear bumper, of course, how useful a PC rear blanking plate can be!), RHD headlights (re-aimed on garage wall), and a speedometer with km/h and mph (when will they get metric here, I wonder crazy ). I got some really nice self-made gauge faces in my colours, with the needles also painted to match my body. I got through the MOT without major problems, got registered, already had my insurance from my 2nd day on the island.

Since then I've been taken out for a spin on mainly sunny days. I've already been to several events (even won some cups, at DevaDubs 2004, at Inters in 2014, and at GTI Spring Festival 2012 and 2015!)( see here). The main event has gotta be Roadstar over in the Netherlands, where I even won another cup in 2005! Shame that one's over now. A little bit of racing around town has to also happen occasionally, but I'm not allowed to really go over 160 km/h (100 mph grin ), actually the speed limit is even as low as 112 km/h, as Eric would then lose his licence here in the UK, if caught (motorways tend to have lots of speed cameras these days sad. Gotta go back to Germany for that one cool ). Because of the crap roads here in Coventry Eric notices my really stiff suspension quite well. grin

In the meantime I've also been given a short shift (45% throw reduction) and power shift kit, aluminium handbrake lever, big bore intake pipe, cold air intake aluminium hose, aluminium window winders, mirror adjustment knobs and oil dipstick and, and I'm, of course, regularly washed and polished dance. Loads of new ideas are already taking shape in Eric's head, which I'll be able to report on as and when. Apart from that, I enjoy most of the maintenance work in my own garage, as I hate having to go to new modern commercial garages, where the staff usually don't know anything about me, wondering where to connect some sort of computer or something grin.

Further pictures can be found here.
The Powerplant
Spec: JH-code 1.8l 8v (solid lifters);
Supersprint stainless steel 4-2-1 branch manifold, Powerflow midsection, backbox, and chrome oval exhaust pipe;
G-grind camshaft with adjustable camshaft sprocket (6 retarded);
ported and polished intake manifold,
skimmed head (increased compression to 10:1); heated Lambda-probe (16V);
PiperCross panel air filter, Blue Igniters spark leads, NGK spark plugs, ABD Racing big bore air intake pipe;
lightened flywheel (now only 3.25 kg); ABD Racing short shift and power shift kit
rocco engine bay

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