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US G60 Corrado "Innocence"
rado front view
Spec: US G60 1990 1.8l 8v
Body: Clear sidemarkers, third brake light (standard), US front and rear bumpers,
VW logo removed from rear, US-size rear license plate to fit US black insert,
black grille spoiler with custom fixings,
7-slat badge-less grille,
In.Pro angel eye headlights,
In.Pro smoked tail lights,
clear side repeaters,
Low-beam headlights relay kit,
polished aluminium 16V aerial,
Lupo GTI wipers
Chassis: Koni coil-overs (height and damping adjustable),
polybushes rear axle-beam,
Vibra-Technics front engine mount,
Momo Arrows 7.5J16 ET38 alloys, 6 mm spacer disks, Uniroyal 205/45R16 tyres,
Goodridge braided brake hoses,
Golf Mk4 GTI rear calipers
rado left view
inside view
Inside: half-leather interior,
cruise control,
electric seat-belts,
full electric kit,
Custom gauge faces (white with Corrado Club of GB logo in red) and painted needles, blue illumination,
Momo Corse 320 mm steering wheel,
yellow Momo horn button,
Trimsport polished G60-gearknob,
VWoA original Corrado car mats,
Kenwood KDC-5051U MP3/WMA CD-RW USB head unit,
Infinity Kappa 693.5i speakers rear, Sony's in door, original in dash
I am Innocence, the latest addition to Eric's water-cooled VW Karmann fleet. I was born in Osnabrück in 1990, shipped out to the States (sold by Stohlman of Tysons Corner), where I spent 8 years before returning to Germany, where I stayed for 2 years before I jumped across the pond to Great Britain, Scotland, to be precise.

Having lived and moved around Aberdeen for 3 years, Eric collected me on September 29 2003. He had flown all the way from Birmingham to Aberdeen. I can still remember quite well the journey to my new home, flying at a slightly lower altitude cool.

My role was to be Eric's new daily driver and a "Rocco Parts Carrier" (RPC), the latter of which I have been dutifully fullfilling for both my older brothers Roodster and Stürmchen wave. The daily driver bit stopped after one year grin. I now even have my own garage.

Eric has sworn to keep me fairly standard, but couldn't resist to at least modify some minor things, and I'm sure that's not the end of it. Well, if you exclude lowering, alloys, exhaust system, interior bits, and a few more I am fairly standard grin. Anyway, at least all the maintenance work done in my own garage involves original parts. Like my two brothers I hate having to visit a commercial repair garage.

I have already been to several meets in the UK and abroad (Germany, Netherlands), where I have even won 5 trophies so far! I have even been to the Nürburgring a few times, too! During one of those visits, however, I did crash badly, hitting a wall with my right rear end, the wall just wouldn't give! I have been expertly repaired since by a fellow member of the German Sciroccoforum.

In a way, I'm the special one of the two Type 53s that Eric has got in the sense that Eric refers to me as the most grown-up and refined, despite my lovely G60 grunt cool.

Further pictures can be found here.
The Powerplant
Spec: PG-code 1.8l 8v,
160 PS,
Milltek exhaust system with Stealth (oval) tail-pipe,
Corrado VR6 catalytic converter,
"Zoran" V-Power chip,
G-Lader serviced by G-Werks,
Blue Igniters spark leads, Bosch Platinum spark plugs,
braided fuel hoses in engine bay with new clips (avoid engine bay fire!)
rado engine bay

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